Considers its direct responsibility to provide timely needs of partners, justifying the trust and maintaining the reputation of a reliable contractor for the supply of medicines in the country's regions.

The health of any person depends on the quality of drugs, their availability and affordability. The quality and effectiveness of medicines at the lowest possible cost saves vital resource population and allows the health system to cope successfully with its main task.

In our work we are guided by principles of mutual understanding and compliance with corporate ethics. Our company never lets its partners, demonstrating competent and responsible approach, efficiency in solving urgent problems. Our vision of its role in the pharmaceutical market is much broader than the ordinary sale of goods with the highest possible profit. We do not just sell quality medicines at producer prices. We tried to stick to the basic corporate values, namely with them tying the success of the enterprise in a competitive environment.


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Our work is vital for millions of consumers. The company team understands the full measure of responsibility, clearly fulfill its mission of providing partners and uninterrupted supply of pharmaceuticals and essential medicines.

We are committed to stable business relationships, offering partners a reliable and forecast system of supply and pricing. We focus on high quality service, ensuring partners efficiency, attention to detail and quality of the products supplied. We aim to become the undisputed leader of the pharmaceutical market for the supply of medical products.

Canadian drugstore focuses on comprehensive support social and health care, giving priority to innovative technologies in the pharmaceutical business. Staff dynamic company is staffed by experienced professionals using the latest advances in targeted marketing. A young team of professionals is fully aware of its responsibility as a business before, and before the final consumers of medicines.

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